Three Blind Vice

Blind Items. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

July 11, 2012 at 12:31pm

The Good Wife

Half of being a Hollywood wife is learning to look the other way. This long suffering significant other has always ignored her husband’s infidelities, but lately he’s been taking the whole open marriage thing a step too far. When his last casual fling turned into a live in love, wifey was not amused, but she kept her feelings to herself.  After a few months her superstar husband got bored and moved on to the next conquest.

Now that he’s smitten with someone several years his junior and practically flaunting it in her face, wifey has had just about enough and may have finally found the courage to move on. Unfortunately, that may mean giving up the lifestyle she’s become accustomed to, the prenup she signed all those years ago gives her next to nothing and she’s terrified of heading back to her penniless past. 

July 10, 2012 at 11:53am

Lil’ Miss Squeaky

Losing a high profile part can be devastating, especially for an actress desperate to prove she can do more. This squeaky clean beauty has found some measure of success, but she wants to be taken seriously - unfortunately no one can see past her teenybopper past and cast her in the types of roles she craves. Squeaky is taking maters into her own hands and staging a full scale image makeover, expect a new look, new attitude and an aggressive rebranding - this pint sized diva will not be ignored! 


Ice Ice Baby

It is hard not to get a reputation in Hollywood, but some girls are just a little more memorable than others. She may play ice princess by day, but at night the claws come out. Baby is all about discipline - bored housewives might think that means chains, plugs and other Christian Grey-isms, but really it is all about control. Ice always keeps her men in line, either by whipping them into submission or by engaging in a complex game of cat & mouse. She’s had many men wrapped around her finger, but the latest has fallen so hard he’s willing to do anything - and we do mean anything, including letting her film their erotic exploits. If you’re into fem doom this is one tape you won’t want to miss. Too bad it is kept under lock and key in the countryside fortress she calls a home.

July 9, 2012 at 10:42pm

Chub Lover

For some actors more is more; particularly the flagrant chubby chasers who engage in publicity stunt relationship after publicity stunt relationship, but refuse to let their true desires come to light.  There’s nothing sexy about only agreeing to spend time with your real girlfriend when you’re miles away from the paparazzi and no one is there to see, yet parading your latest faux-conquest in front of the whole world. Onlookers have always found something a little suspect about this dude’s romances, but most assumed this was just another case of the celluloid closet. Turns out our guy is definitely a ladies man, but only the plus size need apply. Of course he’s too cowardly to ever show this side in public - image is everything and with his star rising faster than ever Chub Lover is not taking any chances. 

July 8, 2012 at 10:06pm

Paging Maury

She’s pregnant and that should be a wonderful thing, only she’s not so sure who the father is. Is it her doting husband or is it the lothario co-star she hooked up with while filming. Until she figures it out she’s going to act like nothing is wrong, but the secret is killing her and friends are starting to notice her increasingly erratic behavior. 

July 7, 2012 at 9:54pm

Mr. Handsome

The camera loves Mr. Handsome - if only audiences felt the same way. After a string of domestic disasters, he’s been feeling ready to throw in the towel & head back to his homeland - hunks have feelings too and being labeled box office poison doesn’t sit well with anyone. 

Lately it seems like porn is the only thing to cheer Mr. Handsome and as a result he’s been watching more of it than is healthy. He sits in his apartment for hours scouring the internet for the strangest, most depraved things he can find - particularly if they involve balloons,  or women crushing things beneath their heels and to think critics called him boring! 

July 6, 2012 at 9:53pm

Sapphic Shenanigans

They’re two of Hollywood’s most sought after rising stars, beautiful girls with newfound box-office clout and bright futures. If you read the puff pieces in fashion rags you’ll believe that these ladies have it all - designer clothes, sought after parts and of course handsome boyfriends. The PR spin would like to ignore the truth. 

Fact is these two can’t keep their hands off each other. What started as a drunken fling during awards season has become an on again, off again not quite relationship complete with X-rated texts and hacker ready camera phone shots. Not to mention the covert hookups whenever the gal pals are in the same city. Girl number one likes the attention (and the oral) but wants to keep things casual. Girl number two is ready for something serious and thinks this might be love - too bad her heavy handed handlers are eager to put an end to her sapphic shenanigans. 

July 5, 2012 at 9:04pm

The Diminutive Actor & His Pink Haired Crush

This diminutive Hollywood actor is a darling with critics and fans alike. No surprise there, he’s been appearing in movies since he was a tyke and headlined a franchise with plenty of geek appeal. Though he’s beloved by many, our little leading man tends to strike out with the ladies. You’d think they’d stare into those big blue eyes and fall head over heels, but alas that just isn’t the case.

Perhaps that’s why he’s nursing a particularly intense crush on a certain boisterous music star. Celebs get crushes too and this one is a doozy. Is it the pink hair, the over the top costumes, or her famously pneumatic figure? Whatever it is, our boy is  absolutely smitten and takes to buying up any and all merchandise associated with his loquacious lady love.